Update year in copyright lines
[Sone.git] / src / main / java / net / pterodactylus / sone / core /
2019-02-22 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUpdate year in copyright lines
2019-02-22 David ‘Bombe’ RodenReplace unnecessary type parameters with <>
2019-02-22 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'next' of calcium:git/Sone into next
2019-02-22 David ‘Bombe’ RodenReplace Sone change detector with simple comparison...
2019-02-22 David ‘Bombe’ RodenReplace PreferencesTest with Kotlin version
2019-02-12 David ‘Bombe’ RodenDon’t check for non-existing Sone-following times on...
2019-02-12 David ‘Bombe’ RodenSend generic “preference changed” event when changing...
2018-10-25 David ‘Bombe’ RodenReplace InsertionDelayChangedEvent with Kotlin version
2018-03-21 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse a real RequestClient instead of casting the HLSC
2018-03-03 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse UpdatedSoneProcessor in SoneDownloader
2018-03-03 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove @author tags
2018-03-03 David ‘Bombe’ RodenReplace Fetched with Kotlin version
2018-03-03 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMove Fetched class to top-level
2018-03-02 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse database instead of Core in Sone parser
2018-02-24 David ‘Bombe’ RodenReplace some events with Kotlin versions
2018-02-08 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRename fetch action methods
2018-02-08 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove superfluous fetch method
2018-02-07 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove Sone following times from Core
2018-02-01 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd test for DI constructability of ImageInserter
2018-02-01 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse dependency injection for SoneDownloader
2018-02-01 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd test for DI constructability of SoneDownloader
2018-01-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenClean imports
2017-11-30 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.9.8' 0.9.8
2017-11-30 David ‘Bombe’ RodenPrevent null-pointer exception if property is missing
2017-11-14 David ‘Bombe’ RodenSet insertion delay on every created inserter
2017-10-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenReturn nullable Post instead of Optional
2017-10-15 David ‘Bombe’ RodenReturn a nullable Album instead of an Optional
2017-10-15 David ‘Bombe’ RodenReturn a nullable Image instead of an Optional
2017-10-15 David ‘Bombe’ RodenReturn a nullable PostReply instead of an Optional
2017-10-15 David ‘Bombe’ RodenReplace Sone provider interface with Kotlin version
2017-10-07 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.9.7' 0.9.7
2017-09-07 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd some @Nullable annotations
2017-06-04 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd @Nonnull to SoneProvider’s getSones() method
2017-03-25 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd nullability annotations to getAlbum method
2016-11-26 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAllow to cancel download by size
2016-11-20 David ‘Bombe’ RodenIncrase maximum size for content to 2 MiB
2016-11-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMake loading of linked images configurable
2016-11-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRename enum to better match its purpose
2016-11-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMove enum to more appropriate class
2016-11-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenTreat cancelled fetch request as failure
2016-11-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenCancel request early if it’s not an image
2016-11-11 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd background fetch to freenet interface
2016-11-11 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse request client builder
2016-10-26 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.9.6' 0.9.6
2016-10-20 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRename comparator for posts
2016-09-20 David ‘Bombe’ RodenDon’t expose the plugin version directly
2016-07-11 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.9.5' 0.9.5
2016-07-01 David ‘Bombe’ RodenSend Sone removal notifications before removing Sone
2016-06-26 David ‘Bombe’ RodenChange dates in file headers
2016-06-23 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove the concept of the album image, always use a...
2016-02-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenInitialize latest edition of update checker correctly
2016-02-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'disruptive-notification' into next
2016-02-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenCheck for disruptive versions on update
2016-02-26 David ‘Bombe’ RodenInject current version into update checker
2016-02-26 David ‘Bombe’ RodenDeclare update checker to be a singleton
2016-02-26 David ‘Bombe’ RodenInject update checker into core
2015-11-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'master' into next
2015-11-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.9.4' 0.9.4
2015-11-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUpdate years in copyright line
2015-11-26 David ‘Bombe’ RodenChange file names in copyright lines
2015-07-24 David ‘Bombe’ RodenDon’t synchronize on Sone, it’s not a shared object...
2015-07-22 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release/0.9.3' 0.9.3
2015-07-22 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRename fields to better reflect their purpose
2015-07-21 David ‘Bombe’ RodenStore new Sones that can not be loaded
2015-07-21 David ‘Bombe’ RodenPrevent NullPointerExceptions on new Sones
2015-07-20 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'feature/fix-coverity-defects' into next
2015-07-20 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMake parsing of Sone.LatestEdition more robust
2015-07-20 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd real default values to prevent NullPointerExceptions
2015-07-20 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'feature/fix-logging' into next
2015-07-20 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAbandon logging that does not work with Freenet’s logge...
2015-07-19 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release/0.9.2' 0.9.2
2015-07-19 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRevert "Store Sone earlier when creating new Sone"
2015-07-19 David ‘Bombe’ RodenPrevent NullPointerException when checking fingerprint
2015-07-18 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release/0.9.1' 0.9.1
2015-07-18 David ‘Bombe’ RodenStore Sone earlier when creating new Sone
2015-07-17 David ‘Bombe’ RodenFix parsing of non-existing edition
2015-07-15 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release/0.9' 0.9
2015-07-15 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUpdate French translation
2015-07-15 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge remote-tracking branch 'hsaito/master' into next
2015-06-25 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'feature/update-polish-translation' into...
2015-06-23 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'feature/update-about-sone' into next
2015-06-23 David ‘Bombe’ RodenCreate link to homepage using the latest edition at...
2015-06-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release/0.9-rc1' into next
2015-06-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release/0.9-rc1' 0.9-rc1
2015-06-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUpdate homepage edition to 65
2015-06-12 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'last-working' into next
2015-06-11 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'feature/purge-db4o' into develop
2015-06-11 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse a real request client for image inserts purge-db4o
2015-06-11 David ‘Bombe’ RodenOnly free bucket after the insert is done
2015-03-15 David ‘Bombe’ RodenReact to dedicated exception differently
2015-03-15 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd custom exception for adding duplicate fields
2015-01-10 David ‘Bombe’ RodenFree bucket after image insert.
2015-01-10 David ‘Bombe’ RodenOnly free buckets after the insert.
2014-12-24 David ‘Bombe’ RodenStop Sone rescuers when stopping core.
2014-11-26 David ‘Bombe’ RodenStore insert fingerprint in “Sone inserted” event.
2014-11-26 David ‘Bombe’ RodenClean up event.
2014-11-25 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMove friend-related functionality into the database.
2014-11-24 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd method to expose a Sone loader to the Sone provider.
2014-11-22 David ‘Bombe’ RodenDon’t allow a “post cut off length” of -1 anymore.
2014-11-22 David ‘Bombe’ RodenCollect events in a separate method.