Don’t set insert URI of a Sone, let it be generated from the identity.
[Sone.git] / src / main / java / net / pterodactylus / sone / data /
2014-09-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenDon’t set insert URI of a Sone, let it be generated...
2014-09-18 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd function that returns all images for a Sone.
2014-09-14 David ‘Bombe’ RodenStore all albums and images in the database after loadi...
2014-09-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenFurther reduce dependencies on a Sone for downloading.
2014-08-25 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd Sone-specific options object.
2014-06-25 David ‘Bombe’ RodenSimplify some boolean expressions.
2014-02-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.8.8' 0.8.8
2013-10-10 David ‘Bombe’ RodenExtract an interface out of Sone.
2013-10-09 David ‘Bombe’ RodenExtract album interface.
2013-09-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUpdate French translation.
2013-09-25 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.8.7' 0.8.7
2013-09-22 David ‘Bombe’ RodenFix static import.
2013-09-17 David ‘Bombe’ RodenFix some FindBugs warnings.
2013-07-15 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd and implement Identified interface.
2013-07-11 David ‘Bombe’ RodenShow number of albums in toString().
2013-07-11 David ‘Bombe’ RodenIgnore albums without inserted images when calculating...
2013-07-11 David ‘Bombe’ RodenInsert a root album into all Sones to get rid of album...
2013-06-29 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.8.5' 0.8.5
2013-06-29 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'partial-rewrite' into next
2013-03-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenFormatting.
2013-03-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenReorder imports.
2013-03-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove getAllAlbums() method, use album flattener.
2013-02-03 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse SHA-256 hashes for fingerprinting.
2013-02-02 David ‘Bombe’ RodenCopy options when rescuing Sone.
2013-01-17 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUpdate copyright headers.
2013-01-17 David ‘Bombe’ RodenReplace utils’ Validation by Guava’s Preconditions.
2013-01-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse Guava’s predicate instead of utils’ filter.
2013-01-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenSome javadoc fixes.
2013-01-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenStore locality of a Sone in the Sone itself.
2012-10-08 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.8.3' 0.8.3
2012-09-11 David ‘Bombe’ RodenOnly add an album if it does not exist.
2012-07-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.8.2' 0.8.2
2012-05-28 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'master' into next
2012-05-02 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'logging-fix' 0.8.1
2012-05-02 David ‘Bombe’ RodenFix ALL the logging!
2012-03-19 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUpdate utils to more recent version, adapt to new packa...
2012-03-08 David ‘Bombe’ RodenChange all copyright headers to include 2012.
2012-03-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.8' 0.8
2012-01-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenStore a Sone’s known status in the Sone itself.
2012-01-17 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMove Sone status into Sone.
2012-01-17 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove all method-level synchronization.
2012-01-17 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse copy-on-write sets instead of synchronized collections.
2011-12-07 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.7.6' 0.7.6
2011-12-07 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'custom-avatars' into next
2011-12-07 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd enum for possible “show custom avatars” option...
2011-12-07 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMove avatar from options to profile.
2011-12-07 David ‘Bombe’ RodenStore avatar image in Sone.
2011-11-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.7.3' 0.7.3
2011-11-15 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd filter for Sones with at least one album.
2011-11-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'sone-following-times' into next
2011-11-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenDon’t set friends directly, use Core’s follow() methods.
2011-10-04 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.7.2' 0.7.2
2011-09-30 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd Sone comparator by image count.
2011-09-28 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd abstract base class for replies, move post reply...
2011-09-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd method that returns all images of a Sone.
2011-09-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenTurn album list flattening into a proper Sone method.
2011-09-26 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.7' 0.7
2011-09-26 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'image-management' into next
2011-09-25 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAllow moving top-level albums.
2011-09-21 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove unnecessary warning suppressions.
2011-09-20 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'next' into dev/image
2011-09-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenSuppress some warnings about variables hiding other...
2011-09-12 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.6.6' 0.6.6
2011-06-29 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd comparator that sorts Sones by number of posts.
2011-06-22 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd context menues when hovering over avatar images.
2011-06-20 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAllow sorting and filtering of “known Sones.”
2011-06-20 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd last activity comparator.
2011-06-19 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.6.5' 0.6.5
2011-06-08 David ‘Bombe’ RodenShow posts mentioning a local Sone by a new notification.
2011-06-08 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd filter for local Sones.
2011-05-11 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'fcp-interface' into next
2011-04-17 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.6.2' 0.6.2
2011-04-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenFix wrong project name in file headers.
2011-04-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenInclude album fingerprints in Sone fingerprint.
2011-04-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMove album flattening algorithm to Sone.
2011-04-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenBring image-management up to speed.
2011-04-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenClear the correct list.
2011-04-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenReduce log level.
2011-04-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd method to set all albums of a Sone.
2011-04-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove albums from the fingerprint temporarily.
2011-04-10 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.6.1' 0.6.1
2011-04-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd options to Sone.
2011-04-02 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.6' 0.6
2011-04-01 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd synchronization.
2011-03-30 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd filter that removes not-downloaded Sones.
2011-03-22 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'next' into image-management
2011-03-08 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.5' 0.5
2011-02-02 David ‘Bombe’ RodenImplement Comparable interface in Sone.
2011-01-26 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.4.3' 0.4.3
2011-01-25 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAlways store USKs in the Sone.
2011-01-15 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.4' 0.4
2011-01-15 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'edit-wot-trust' into next
2011-01-15 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'profile-fields' into next
2011-01-14 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'next' into profile-fields
2011-01-12 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'next' into profile-fields
2011-01-10 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'next' into image-management
2011-01-10 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'next' into image-management
2011-01-10 David ‘Bombe’ RodenImplement Fingerprintable interface in Profile.
2011-01-10 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd Fingerprintable interface.
2011-01-01 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd albums to Sone.