Fix ALL the logging!
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2012-05-02 David ‘Bombe’ RodenFix ALL the logging!
2011-10-04 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.7.2' 0.7.2
2011-09-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAlways add a Sone part for the ID.
2011-09-26 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.7' 0.7
2011-09-20 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'next' into dev/image
2011-09-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenSimplify parser.
2011-09-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd some documentation for later when I have to look...
2011-09-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenFix parser.
2011-09-12 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.6.6' 0.6.6
2011-07-22 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove useless lines.
2011-07-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenDon’t show a link to an unknown Sone.
2011-06-19 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.6.5' 0.6.5
2011-06-09 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse provider interfaces for the parser; enhance test...
2011-06-09 David ‘Bombe’ RodenOnly add a new plain-text part if there is any text...
2011-06-09 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse provider interfaces instead of core.
2011-06-08 David ‘Bombe’ RodenShow posts mentioning a local Sone by a new notification.
2011-06-08 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAllow null contexts.
2011-06-08 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd javadoc comments, remove obsolete imports.
2011-06-08 David ‘Bombe’ RodenDon’t throw away the last part if it’s not a plain...
2011-06-08 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRewriter Sone text parser to separate the parser from...