Remove note for translator.
[Sone.git] / src / main / java /
2012-09-14 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRecognize a couple of shortcuts in the search field.
2012-09-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenClose buffered reader after parsing.
2012-09-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove obsolete method.
2012-09-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd missing javadoc.
2012-09-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenSuppress warnings on potentiall-static methods.
2012-09-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenDeclare potentially-static methods as static.
2012-09-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenHandle spurious wakeups correctly.
2012-09-12 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge remote-tracking branch 'beak/next' into next
2012-09-12 David ‘Bombe’ RodenSynchronize access on DateFormat.
2012-09-12 David ‘Bombe’ RodenFix logging of exception.
2012-09-12 David ‘Bombe’ RodenDeclare method as static.
2012-09-12 David ‘Bombe’ RodenSave Sones and configuration on stopping.
2012-09-12 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove getting trust values from trust updater.
2012-09-12 David ‘Bombe’ RodenGet the trust directly from the identity.
2012-09-12 David ‘Bombe’ RodenReturn the currently cached own identities.
2012-09-12 David ‘Bombe’ RodenGet trust values for trusted identities.
2012-09-12 David ‘Bombe’ RodenDeclare methods as static.
2012-09-12 David ‘Bombe’ RodenFix FCP plugin request sending and receiving.
2012-09-12 David ‘Bombe’ RodenFix using the wrong base type.
2012-09-11 David ‘Bombe’ RodenDon’t save Sones directly, only touch the configuration.
2012-09-11 David ‘Bombe’ RodenOnly add an album if it does not exist.
2012-09-10 David ‘Bombe’ RodenTurn (Own)Identity into mere caches of values from...
2012-09-10 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse WebOfTrust updater to set contexts and properties.
2012-09-10 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd property setter job.
2012-09-10 David ‘Bombe’ RodenImplement removal of contexts.
2012-09-10 David ‘Bombe’ RodenImplement adding of contexts.
2012-09-10 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMake it possible for update jobs to return whether...
2012-09-10 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRename WebOfTrust updater.
2012-09-10 David ‘Bombe’ RodenPrepare for jobs that need to signal completion.
2012-09-10 David ‘Bombe’ RodenPrepare background updater to perform property and...
2012-09-07 David ‘Bombe’ RodenCreate links to posts using an excerpt from the parsed...
2012-09-07 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUpdate trust values in a dedicated background thread.
2012-09-07 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAssume a post is visible if the trust updater has not...
2012-09-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'remove-configuration-cleaning-216' into...
2012-09-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove obsolete storing of Sone Rescue Mode.
2012-09-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove configuration cleaning options.
2012-09-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenCreate the excerpt of a linked post from the parsed...
2012-09-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd method to get the plain text of a part.
2012-09-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenTurn templates into static members.
2012-09-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenDifferentiate between different job types in hashCode().
2012-09-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd logging while executing trust update jobs.
2012-09-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenOnly allow a single trust update for any given identity...
2012-09-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenOnly add get-trust jobs if there are none for the given...
2012-09-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenOverride Object methods in TrustUpdateJob, establish...
2012-09-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenReturn configured trust values immediately.
2012-09-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse WOT connector to set trust values.
2012-09-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse trust updater to set trust values.
2012-09-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse trust updater to get trust values.
2012-09-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenStore identity trust locally, make it updatable from...
2012-09-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenCreate trust updater and store it in the core.
2012-09-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd background trust updater.
2012-08-29 David ‘Bombe’ RodenFix pagination on album pages.
2012-07-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove obsolete “loadAllSones” parameter.
2012-07-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'master' into next
2012-07-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.8.2' 0.8.2
2012-07-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenSet version to 0.8.2.
2012-05-31 David ‘Bombe’ RodenChange code to use new way to specify filter parameters.
2012-05-31 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd images-per-post option.
2012-05-30 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd pagination filter to template context factory.
2012-05-30 David ‘Bombe’ RodenPaginate images in gallery mode.
2012-05-30 David ‘Bombe’ RodenTurn post into an interface, add default implementation.
2012-05-29 David ‘Bombe’ RodenOnly process new posts and replies if the notifications...
2012-05-28 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'master' into next
2012-05-02 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'logging-fix' 0.8.1
2012-05-02 David ‘Bombe’ RodenIncrease version to 0.8.1.
2012-05-02 David ‘Bombe’ RodenFix ALL the logging!
2012-05-02 David ‘Bombe’ RodenFix logging.
2012-04-17 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse correct parameter name for WoT’s GetIdentitiesBySco...
2012-03-19 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUpdate utils to more recent version, adapt to new packa...
2012-03-08 David ‘Bombe’ RodenChange all copyright headers to include 2012.
2012-03-07 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMake a whole lot of members final.
2012-03-06 David ‘Bombe’ RodenPrevent albums from being added multiple times when...
2012-03-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'master' into next
2012-03-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.8' 0.8
2012-03-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenSet version to 0.8.
2012-03-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenOrganize imports.
2012-03-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAutomatically mark replies of a post as known when...
2012-03-02 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd missing annotation.
2012-03-02 David ‘Bombe’ RodenSuppress a warning.
2012-03-02 David ‘Bombe’ RodenLink to correct methods in documentation.
2012-03-02 David ‘Bombe’ RodenSuppress a warning.
2012-03-02 David ‘Bombe’ RodenTurn generic varargs constructor into two constructors.
2012-03-01 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAlways get the current l10n helper from the node, don...
2012-03-01 David ‘Bombe’ RodenIncrease current homepage version.
2012-03-01 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUpdate link to homepage.
2012-02-21 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd page that displays all new posts and replies.
2012-02-21 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd method to filter a list of posts.
2012-02-21 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAlways fire element-was-read events, even if element...
2012-01-28 David ‘Bombe’ RodenInitialize known-state of posts and replies correctly.
2012-01-28 David ‘Bombe’ RodenOwn Sones are always known, obviously.
2012-01-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenStore a reply’s known status in the reply itself.
2012-01-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenStore a post’s known-status in the post itself.
2012-01-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenStore a Sone’s known status in the Sone itself.
2012-01-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenTry to prevent new elements from being stuck in the...
2012-01-17 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMove Sone status into Sone.
2012-01-17 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove all method-level synchronization.
2012-01-17 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse copy-on-write sets instead of synchronized collections.
2011-12-21 David ‘Bombe’ RodenExit accessor earlier if avatar ID is null.
2011-12-21 David ‘Bombe’ RodenDon’t get trust values if it’s irrelevant.
2011-12-10 David ‘Bombe’ RodenFix avatars of not manually trusted Sones showing when...