Update year in copyright lines
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2019-02-22 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUpdate year in copyright lines
2018-03-03 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove @author tags
2017-11-30 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.9.8' 0.9.8
2017-10-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenReplace parser with Kotlin version
2017-10-07 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.9.7' 0.9.7
2017-05-20 David ‘Bombe’ RodenFix text parser only parsing the last element in a...
2016-11-11 David ‘Bombe’ RodenReplace most parts with Kotlin equivalents
2016-11-11 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove part container
2016-11-09 David ‘Bombe’ RodenChange tooltop of Freenet links
2016-11-09 David ‘Bombe’ RodenOnly hide URL parameters in tooltip
2016-11-09 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse link as tooltip on internet links
2016-10-28 David ‘Bombe’ RodenShorten bloated code
2016-10-28 David ‘Bombe’ RodenParse freemail addresses
2016-10-28 David ‘Bombe’ RodenIgnore question and exclamation marks at the end of...
2016-10-26 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.9.6' 0.9.6
2016-10-19 David ‘Bombe’ RodenSimplify and improve link parsing
2016-10-06 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse try-with-resources instead of Closer
2016-10-06 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove request from parser context
2016-10-06 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRefactor text parser
2016-10-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenDon’t allow null for Sone in SonePart
2016-10-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenDon’t allow null for the post of a PostPart
2016-10-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenDon’t allow null for the text attribute of PlainTextPart
2016-10-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd @Nonnull annotations to PartContainer
2016-10-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd @Nonnull annotations to FreenetLinkPart, too
2016-10-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenDon’t allow null for any attribute of a LinkPart
2016-08-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenIgnore commas at the end of links, too
2016-08-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'text-parser-improvements' into next
2016-08-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenIgnore punctuation at end of links
2016-08-15 David ‘Bombe’ RodenChange parser to better recognize the end of links
2016-07-11 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.9.5' 0.9.5
2016-06-26 David ‘Bombe’ RodenChange dates in file headers
2016-06-26 David ‘Bombe’ RodenClean up some imports
2016-06-26 David ‘Bombe’ RodenSwitch the order of the arguments
2016-06-25 David ‘Bombe’ RodenClean up parser interface
2016-06-25 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove IOException from parser interface
2016-06-25 David ‘Bombe’ RodenReplace Reader with String in Parser interface
2015-11-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'master' into next
2015-11-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.9.4' 0.9.4
2015-11-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUpdate years in copyright line
2015-07-22 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release/0.9.3' 0.9.3
2015-07-20 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove redundant cast
2015-07-20 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse isFreenetLink() attribute on LinkType
2015-07-20 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove unnecessary variable assignment
2015-07-20 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRefactor parts of link parsing
2015-07-20 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'feature/fix-coverity-defects' into next
2015-07-20 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd “isFreenetLink” attribute to LinkType
2015-07-20 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'feature/fix-logging' into next
2015-07-20 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAbandon logging that does not work with Freenet’s logge...
2015-06-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release/0.9-rc1' 0.9-rc1
2015-06-12 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'last-working' into next
2014-11-22 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove obsolete import.
2014-10-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenDon’t use logging from utils package.
2014-09-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse a special Sone implementation that only stores...
2014-02-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.8.8' 0.8.8
2013-10-10 David ‘Bombe’ RodenExtract an interface out of Sone.
2013-06-29 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.8.5' 0.8.5
2013-06-29 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'partial-rewrite' into next
2013-06-09 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge remote-tracking branch 'hernic/patch-1' into...
2013-01-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMake Sone returned by a Sone provider optional.
2013-01-26 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'partial-rewrite' into less-critical
2013-01-25 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge commit 'c30ad3a3fcfc66d0c1757a50afe413d9942d7793...
2013-01-25 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge commit '173eb2df26ebc15a6aa5565ec15dfad37bfa61a1...
2013-01-25 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'less-critical' into run
2013-01-24 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMake post returned by post provider optional.
2013-01-23 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge commit 'da609f721e54691f27113e877a19637bd332abc3...
2013-01-22 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMove provider interfaces to database package.
2013-01-22 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove possibility to create Sones from sone provider...
2013-01-18 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove possibility to create new posts from post provid...
2013-01-17 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUpdate copyright headers.
2013-01-17 David ‘Bombe’ RodenFix header comments.
2013-01-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenStore locality of a Sone in the Sone itself.
2012-12-21 David ‘Bombe’ RodenCheck for a link consisting only of the scheme, because...
2012-12-21 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd scheme to LinkType.
2012-10-08 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.8.3' 0.8.3
2012-09-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenClose buffered reader after parsing.
2012-09-07 David ‘Bombe’ RodenCreate links to posts using an excerpt from the parsed...
2012-09-05 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd method to get the plain text of a part.
2012-07-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.8.2' 0.8.2
2012-05-28 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'master' into next
2012-05-02 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'logging-fix' 0.8.1
2012-05-02 David ‘Bombe’ RodenFix ALL the logging!
2012-03-08 David ‘Bombe’ RodenChange all copyright headers to include 2012.
2011-10-04 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.7.2' 0.7.2
2011-09-27 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAlways add a Sone part for the ID.
2011-09-26 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.7' 0.7
2011-09-26 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'image-management' into next
2011-09-21 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove unnecessary warning suppressions.
2011-09-20 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'next' into dev/image
2011-09-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenSimplify parser.
2011-09-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenAdd some documentation for later when I have to look...
2011-09-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenFix parser.
2011-09-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenSuppress some warnings about variables hiding other...
2011-09-13 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse web package from utils.
2011-09-12 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.6.6' 0.6.6
2011-07-22 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove useless lines.
2011-07-16 David ‘Bombe’ RodenDon’t show a link to an unknown Sone.
2011-06-19 David ‘Bombe’ RodenMerge branch 'release-0.6.5' 0.6.5
2011-06-09 David ‘Bombe’ RodenUse provider interfaces for the parser; enhance test...
2011-06-09 David ‘Bombe’ RodenOnly add a new plain-text part if there is any text...
2011-06-09 David ‘Bombe’ RodenRemove logger.