descriptionxudocci – an XDCC downloader
ownerDavid ‘Bombe’ Roden
last changeSun, 31 May 2020 14:50:40 +0000 (16:50 +0200)
5 days ago David ‘Bombe... ⬆️ Update to JaCoCo 0.8.5 master
5 days ago David ‘Bombe... ✨ Add multiple downloads at the same time
5 days ago David ‘Bombe... 🎨 Replace download command with Kotlin version
5 days ago David ‘Bombe... ✅ Add more tests for current behaviour
5 days ago David ‘Bombe... ✅ Add first test for download command
5 days ago David ‘Bombe... 🏗 Add Kotlin plugin
2019-03-17 David ‘Bombe... 🐛 Fix exclusion in search command
2019-03-11 David ‘Bombe... 🚸 Sort results by pack name first, then bot name
2015-08-10 David ‘Bombe... Improve logging
2015-08-10 David ‘Bombe... Add toString() method to default connection
2015-04-30 David ‘Bombe... Return unmodifiable view of packs
2015-04-30 David ‘Bombe... Synchronize all access on packs
2015-04-29 David ‘Bombe... Add test for fixed color code removal
2015-04-29 David ‘Bombe... Remove old pack if pack with newer ID is added
2015-04-29 David ‘Bombe... Implement toString method
2015-04-27 David ‘Bombe... Ignore leading zeros when filtering color codes
5 days ago master